Visitation 1998

Spring- 1 week- GOT KIDS! 4/4-4/11

Summer- 5 weeks-GOT KIDS! 7/10-8/14

Keith hired and attorney and took EX back to court to get set visitations. His set visitation is as follows: 5 weeks in summer commencing 1999 (1998 Summer visitation is 7/16-8/14) 2 weeks at Christmas in alternating years commencing 1999; alternate Easter commencing 2000. If W exercises Easter/Spring Break in her years, H will have additional 1 week in Summer for a total of 6 weeks in summer. W to notify H 45 days before her Easter as to her plans to exercise her right or not. H to notify W of Summer vacation on or before April 1 each year.” and of course, she wants more money so there was that.

Winter Break-Ex’s turn.

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