End Of The Year

Wrote Anthony:

“Hope this note fids you and your family well, and still in the Holiday spirit!”

I told him that we spent Christmas eve with my sister and Christmas day here at home with my stepkids who are visiting. They leave Jan. 1st, and they’ve been here since 12/18.

Sarah had a great Christmas, she was a good girl this year (as every year) so she got some things she really wanted.

I let him know that right now, she’s battling off a cold that is going around this house, she has the sneezes real bad and a stuffy nose. Hopefully the Triaminic she’s taking helps.

She has also been enjoying her 2 week vacation and has been quite busy with my stepkids.

I asked how he liked Sarah’s pics, that I had sent a couple to his other kids as well. I told him I couldn’t believe his oldest daughter was 18 now. I told him that I don’t see them or talk to them, but I do get a card from his ex and them, and that I feel bad for Sarah, but that is the way life goes, so…

I let him know that we were switching health plans and wanted to know if HE was keeping his plan. We had the same plan but have to switch. I told him I needed to know whether I am still able to take her to her doc at his health plan as well as her dentist or if I needed to change.

I told him to take care and have a safe and sane New Years and best of luck to him and his throughout the coming year.

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