May 2, 2000

Ex responded to Keith’s email of 4/30/00. Lots of BS, no surprise, but one thing she did say was “I can tell you recorded my conversation which is very illegal and can’t be used against me. My conversation with you is between me and you. Not for your wife’s ears. Yes we share legal custody and that doesn’t mean that the kids aren’t allowed to see my family. Regardless of your feelings I still have a right to spend my time and their time as I see fit.”

Actually, here are the facts:

  1. due to the harassment during the Summer of 1995, with the ex placing 2 false police report calls to our local law enforcement, we were instructed to write the ex a letter advising her that any and all conversations between the 4 adults from then on out would be recorded. the first report was telling the Watch Sargent that Keith had taken the kids out of the county of San Diego and was holding them against their will. The second report was when an Sheriff had placed a call to the ex. The Deputy did. She called the ex, told her she was there at the house, the kids were fine and happy and if there was any kind of emergency, their father would call her, so what was the problem? I asked the Deputy what happened and she said, “she hung up on me.” The ex hung up on the Deputy and immediately called the same Watch Sargent again, accusing the deputy of being rude and hang up on her. SO NOT the case.
  2. So, ex has known since the summer of 1995 that HER and her husbands calls placed to our home would be recorded. Just them, not the kids, just the adults, AND she continued with the calls.

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