November 26, 2000

It’s just the craziest thing reading these emails from the ex. She constantly bags on Keith for not having insurance on the kids (lies) and how our insurance is never any good enough. Well, it’s good for US, and it would be REALLY good for her if she used contracted providers of service. That’s NOT our problem. Her not using the providers she’s supposed to, is at an expense to HER, not Keith.

At any rate, they were emailing about a provider of service. She said/He said type of thing, but it seems the provider she was using is not a contracted provider. How she flipped it is beyond me, LOL! She writes:

“Sounds if you and your wife carry some resentment toward the kids living here. Sounds like you are upset about your choice of doctors or insurance. (son) and (daughter) are your children and in fact were here first before you chose to have another family. So inconvenience is not where we live but that you have chosen to inconvenience your with further obligations. Not my choice nor the kids choice yours my dear. So sorry you must change doctors each year I was unaware that you changed companies that often. Once again your choice.”

Well, the reason he changed insurance companies was a benefit to the kids, but even that wasn’t good enough. Par for the course.

In a response to her he wrote, “LEAVE MY WIFE and INNOCENT kids OUT OF YOU SARCASTIC and malicious CORRESPONDENCE TO ME.”

We’ll see how long that lasts.

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