End of Year Letter

I sent Anthony a letter dated 12/20 sending him Sarah’s school pics. Wished him a Wonderful Christmas.

Sent him a letter today, 12/30. I asked if he Santa was good to him, and if he was able to see his sisters for Christmas.

I told him that we spent Christmas eve with my sister and brother in law and they told me to tell him hi and that my brother in law asked me if I knew how to get in touch with him because he wanted to go fishing with him. I gave Anthony my sisters phone number to call if he was interested in getting together with my brother in law.

I shared that Sarah had a good Christmas vacation, isn’t really looking forward to going back to school, but she knows she has to if she wants to be a police and a doctor.

I told him to have a great new year and be careful celebrating what ever he does, to take care and God Bless him and his family always.

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