(sent to stepdaughter )

“Hola Chica,

Dad told me the other day that you were thinking about putting a picture of grandma in a frame that grandpa gave you for Christmas.

If you have one, great. If not, let us know and we will send you a copy of one we have that we got from grandpa after grandma passed away.

We are getting ready to have a BIG rain storm, that is supposed to start anytime now…it is quite dark here now. Dad was telling me this morning that there are 30 ft waves in Malibu (the beach) and remember when we went to the beach this summer and we parked in between the houses on the beach? those houses are now flooded because of the ocean waves! He saw it on the news! How sad, huh? I hope no one was hurt at all!

Anyway, gotta get ready to head back to work. The kindergartener’s this year are a REAL handful!! Sarah, Thomas and I are looking forward to Friday for a 3 day weekend!

Hasta Luego,


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