March 15, 2001

This letter was addressed to Keith’s attorney. The Ex wrote it, LOL. it was postmarked March 16th, 2001 she sent it Certified Return Receipt Requested. It was delivered to our home today, March 21, 2001.

She mentions me in this letter, telling Keith’s attorney. “Both of the children after spending the first 3 days of their last visit (in the summer of 2000) fighting and arguing and finally being ignored by their dad’s wife don’t want to spend their visitations with their dad because they have to… Both the kids were very emotionally upset and withdrawn during the abuse that took place between them and their dad and his wife during the last visit. They were treated badly and then ignored by their dad’s wife for 4 more days after the argument. No I will not force them to visit and be in that environment to be treated like small children and mistreated because of their dad marital situation.”

Project much? His marital situation? LOL….Lets harken back to the Summer Visitation 2000 post, shall we?

Besides, she’s always told me to butt out, ALWAYS told Keith that the kids didn’t want anything to do with me, or be here with me while he worked, now she has a problem with me stepping back for a day and a half? LOL I spoke when I had to, otherwise, it was me and my kids, and Keith and his kids, just like she’s wanted, LOL

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