Spring Break 2001

Back in Feb. 2001 I used my credit card to buy tickets for the kids to visit their dad.

I have not received payment/reimbursement from J for her half. I was prompted to write this email, today: 4/8/01 at 4:31 pm.

“J U,

On 2/18/01, I purchased airfare from Alaska airlines in the amount of $419.00 total for reservation code, XXXXXX. You were sent a copy of the receipt via email on 2/18/01. You acknowledged receiving it on 2/20/01. Your half of this amount is $209.50 and is still due me.

This purchase was made by me, using MY personal credit card, according to the reservations and time frame of purchase YOU made on 2/17/01 for the sole purpose of visitation between my husband Keith (last name) and his kids, N and L (last name).

After 1 inquiry into the status of your reimbursement (on 3/6/01) from Keith on my behalf, and 2 formal demands for payment, from Keith on my behalf (on 3/9/01 one was by email, and one was by USPS Priority Delivery Confirmation, that you received on 3/12/01) giving you 15 days to remit payment, you have failed and refused to send your share of the airfare in full in the amount of $209.50.

As a matter of record and fact, on 3/15/01, you wrote a letter to Keith and his attorney Jack N. and advised BOTH of them that your half of the airfare would be paid in full by April 7th. You have failed and refused to follow that date as well.

Your issues with Keith are just that, but the fact that MY credit card was used in the manner it was and for the purpose that it was, gives me every legal right to seek reimbursement from you PERSONALLY.

This is now MY FORMAL DEMAND FOR PAYMENT. You now have until no later than, Friday, April 27th, 2001 to remit payment TO ME. This will have given you 9 weeks and 5 days to remit payment TO ME. Should you once again, fail and refuse to remit payment TO ME, by and no later than April 27th, 2001, then I will have no other choice but to proceed with this matter through the Court system and in addition to the original $209.50 you owe, I will also ask the court for reimbursement from you for my loss of wages, interest that this charge incurred on my credit card, filing fees and Court costs, fuel expense, and whatever other costs the Court will allow.

Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Patricia (middle initial, last name)


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