In Response to Her Long Email

Remember this email? My response is in BOLD emailed at 10:22 pm.

She Writes Again….

Or should I say “STRIKES” again, LOL….

J writes today at 12:50pm:

“The charge you made on your credit card was neither authorized nor requested by me. My dealings with child support and children are with Keith only not you. If he asked you to charge their airplane tickets on your card then you had better seek reimbursement from him.

J, You are court ordered to pay “EQUALLY” in transportation costs. This means that since I paid for the tickets since stated you couldn’t pay for both and as Keith already told you before, it made no sense to split the reservation up since there were no frills attached to them (like redeeming miles or anything that would affect “your share” of the cost) then you owe ME your half of $419.00 which is $209.50

I never asked you or Keith to charge any airfare on any credit cards, not did I request you pay for my half of the airfare.

” According to your email on 2/17/01, you said that the reservation had to be purchased by 11:59pm on 2/18/01. How do you propose we SHOULD have paid for the airfare?

The cost for you to take me to court over 209.50 should cost you that amount plus more. Considering the slanderous nature of this charge. My cost would be $300-$400 for airfare to Los Angeles, room charges for $160, rental car of $150 and the loss of wages plus traveling expenses in the amount of $488 for a total of reimbursement to me for false accusations in the amount of $1198.00.

“don’t make me laugh. Everything we did was on the up and up. We followed YOUR rules, time frames, reservation info that YOU set up according to your emails and the information we got from Alaska Airlines themselves. On the other hand, for as upset as you are over this, maybe you had other motives for “your half” even though you said there was nothing, things that make you go HMMMMM…”

Again, I never asked you to charge any airfare on any credit card nor did I ask anyone to pay my half. These things you did are the result of your own actions. My dealings with airfare or child support are not your concern and are between Richard and myself since N and L are our children. Their health and welfare are what parents take care of and Richard and I are their parents. NOT YOU. Stay out of my personal business. I will not be paying you for anything not now not in future not ever.

My email address is not for you to have either. I have never given it to you only to Richard, and if he felt compelled to share that information with out my consent then we have a whole different situation again. You are not to have any of my information not personally not professionally nor any information regarding our children N and L. These children are from our marriage and we are the parents not you. I do not authorize you to have any information on me or my children.”

“ok, well having said all this, then you are FALSELY accusing me (per your phone call to me in 1999 and the kids words in 2000) of being the cause of marital discord. I mean, after all, if NOTHING is my business, then NOTHING that goes on between you and Keith is J’s business, right? Then he would not know about your problems with Keith, which means that I and or WE are NOT the cause of your “impending divorce” as you accused me of, right? Right. NOT that this has anything to due with the money you owe me, but since your brought it up, I thought I would point out the slanderous accusations you are making against me, not to mention the harassing phone calls I have received from you, and you writing slanderous things about me and my kids in your email to Keith, along with the slanderous things you have said to me and Keith on the phone about me and my kids. Sheesh, by the time this is over, it may turn into a Civil lawsuit? Is that where you want this to go? I think we BOTH can think of better things to do with our time and money, don’t you? Oh and by the way, you don’t have to read my emails to you, let alone answer them. Not only that, but if you want to, you can write me at P**********, if you want, ANYTIME. My emal is not a private thing” but I am not sure exactly what you are referring to when you say that Richard, and if he felt compelled to share that information with out my consent then we have a whole different situation again. another one of those things that make you go hmmmm things….

lets get past this so we don’t have to go to the next level. Just pay me what you owe me, $209.50 and be done with it. I don’t like playing bill collector, but you said it yourself, your “financials” are something to deal with Keith about, and have NOTHING to do with the money you owe me. So take the money off the “financials” you sent to Keith (or are you still working on them???) that you applied to what YOU think he owes you, and send it to me, the person YOU really do owe.

Why can’t we just all get along? I have asked that of you soo many times, in letter to you. What did I ever do to you? Nothing. You have hated me and have made it VERY well known you do since July 1995, and I have NEVER done anything to you? Oh well, I an not going to loose sleep over it. Just too bad for the kids…


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