June 9, 2001

EX emailed Keith at 5:13pm. The subject says “The Kids.” It was only about 1 of their kids, their son, BUT, she has to get her dig in about me first. She writes, “The care of the kids is really between you and I and has nothing to do with your wife at all. So I would appreciate being able to talk with you personally and not having to go through your wife.” Now that THAT is out of the way… LOL

She tells Keith that their son has decided to take a summer session at The Art Institute. She says how long it will be, 3 days, July 19,20, 21. Gives him prices for these 3 days and says that “the money must be there by June 15, 2001….6 days away.

She asks if he is willing to help with transportation, finance and boarding, and she needs to know if Keith is going to contribute some money towards the cost for the 3 days by Monday June 11, 2001, 2 days away.

He NEVER takes her word about money. EVER. She has lied to him over and over again, that if she wants money, she better give him SOME KIND of proof, or give him the information to call so he can find out for himself.

No Info for another source, No Money.

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