July 5th, 2001

The ex wrote Keith back at 6:29pm. She’s really pissed off about an email Keith had sent to her ex husband. Keith didn’t know he was her hex husband, but whatever. SO she tells Keith that he “stepped over the line” emailing her ex husband. She tells Keith, “you need to get control of your own home before you start telling others to control me….Restraining orders would be including your wife calling me a work, your wife calling me at home, your wife calling my own dentist to tell them I have changed my own insurance, your wife calling my friends, your wife contact my doctors and then accusing me of being on anti-depressants, your wife contacting any of my immediate or otherwise family, your wife e-mailing me without my permission to use my email address and so on and so on.”

I never called her a “work.” LIES! I called her to talk about airfare and visitation, since she permitted me to, she also permitted me to call her at work, I didn’t call HER dentist, I faxed them, I don’t even know her friends, unless she’s talking about the guy that got sent to prison for his part in the “Westbrook Case” and THAT was because Keith asked me to gather information on that situation, and SHE is the one that told me she was taking “medication.” Her immediate family, her mom and her mom’s husband are cool people, and I don’t have to have her permission to e-mail her. Like she told Keith in the beginning of this email, ” Unlike the telephone or your door, You don’t have to answer or even open the e-mails I send you.” We don’t have to answer the door or the phone either.

She goes on to say about the kids, “I feel sad, sorry and just plain bad that they are forced to stay in that hot no-air conditioned trailer for the hottest part of the summer while you go to work in air-conditioning. I feel sorry for them that…they have to spend so much time with someone they don’t want to spend any time with at all. Give them one piece of gripe, treat them badly just once, put your other kids before them and see what happens, see how they react. You had better treat them with the utmost respect. I can say whatever I want whenever I want you don’t own me. Get on with own life and leave mine alone. You must be so jealous that you continue to find ways to invade it and find out about me. What are you looking for? A way to destroy me, to kill me to be sure I don’t bother you well look whose bothering who here….LEAVE ME ALONE you jealous, envious, and malicious freak. take your “disparaging comments’ and stick them where only you can see up your wife’s butt.”

GOOD LORD, LOL…if she isn’t taking meds, maybe she needs some.

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