July 14, 2001

Ex called at 4:54pm

P- Hello?

J- is Keith there?

P- no

J- hung up.


SO…the kids are supposed to be here on July 21st. EX emails from her mom’s email address at 5:35 pm and tells Keith that he ISN’T going to pick up the kids on Saturday the 21st because 1. the kids don’t want to go on the 21st and 2. because he couldn’t get time off work to get them.

She said he is welcomed to pick them up on Sunday that he mom will be happy to meet him at a local restaurant, that he is NOT going to her mom’s home.

She said the kids do not want to be dropped off at our house if she is not home.

Because she was not being cooperative with giving Keith information about the school his son was going to try out those 3 days, she tells him, “I do not and still have not received any formal plans for (sons) school I know what dates she is scheduled for but did not know until Monday of this last week what the times were…. You have no right calling the school. You did not make any arrangements and did not pay for this and if I find out further that your wife called just another reason for me to see my attorney while I am here.”

7 days before visitation….

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