December 8,2001

The ex seems to think that EOB’s that say THIS IS NOT A BILL, is actually a bill and she want’s HALF, BY GOD! Keith asked her, “What is HALF of ZERO?” The claim hasn’t been processed through the insurance companies, but because SHE starts paying on the bills before they are processed through the insurance, she wants half of what she pays as her agreement to the provider. CRAZY, huh? That’s not how it works in the real world.

She didn’t like Keith’s response, so at 11:40am she whips off an email, accusing him of losing his memory as well as his sanity.

Her last two sentences she writes, “Get a hobby and get off of me. Find something productive to do like taking care of your special family.”

SUCH a HATER she is, and so evil.

At 7:35pm she writes again, accusing me of writing one set of e-mails and him writing the other. She goes on and on about the visitation that was to happen at Christmas, when Keith agreed to the 1 week visitation and the other week the kids are with her mother, and how the kids ALLEGEDLY said that there was no point in them coming if he has to work. She tells him, “Quit fighting me, in fact, leave me alone.” Something she also wrote was, “I was trying to work out a compromise between you and the kids. It doesn’t matter now because the kids said that they did want to do that arrangement either.” THEY DID WANT TO DO THAT ARRANGEMENT, but SHE seemed to have put the KIBOSH on it.

Keith wrote her back at 9:03pm, documenting that he will not be getting the kids as court ordered for Christmas. He told her that she KNEW in July that this was what was going to happen and she she still strung him along and agreed to a proposed plan in November.

He documented that the kids were staying him, but then she turned around planned HIS court ordered visitation with HER and her family in San Diego. She accused him of ruining her vacation plans because now she has to “drag” the kids with her, but then she tells him that if he insists on seeing the kids during the week they are in CA, during HIS court ordered visitation, she will leave them at their home and if that wasn’t bad enough, she told him, “If you show up to the airport, I will pick a fight with you!”

OH, but she says she’s never denied him visitation. What a crock.

She had also told Keith that she would be taking him back to court because she wants college money and an increase in support, insurance money for the car she bought her son who has no job, believing she would get all this because her “situation” has changed since she is now a single parent with one income.”

WELL, APPARENTLY, this is not exactly true. Legally, if Keith did not agree to pay tuition in the original judgment or in any subsequent modifications, it won’t happen, that the types of support she THINKS she will get, will only happen if Keith agrees…and he doesn’t.

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