December 6, 2001

SO, at 7:56 am, the ex sends Keith an email regarding the kids Christmas “wish list.” She says, amongst other stuff, “Why don’t you just send money since you are the ATM dad. Or better yet gift certificates work great too and you don’t have to mail packages. Whatever your wife decides for you to do would work…I am tired of you giving me a hard time over issues your wife starts. You do whatever you think is best if the kids don’t like whatever you send, they can send it back and you can keep it like you always do. Remember that they are 14 and 17 years old when buying their gifts.” There is a story behind that real snide comment of hers about keeping gifts like he always does. I will write about that later.

Keith sent his ex an email asking her since when is asking for the “status of claims” causing trouble. She was ALWAYS accusing him of being in contempt of court for allegedly not paying his share of uncovered medical expenses, but refused to sent him copies of EOB’s from her insurance. She EXPECTED him to just go by what she told him his share would be. He was like, “NOPE, not gonna happen.” He didn’t say those words, but that’s the gist.

Of course, she made an issue out of us calling her insurance to find out the status of the claims, because it had been time, if not passed time, that the insurance should have paid. Because she was so unreasonable, he told her he won’t ever ask again. He told her, “So you can take the MEDICAL EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT FROM KEITH off your WAYS TO CONTROL KEITH ISSUES.” She didn’t like that at all. She wrote back at 8:50am this morning, her second email this morning, mind you … “THE ONLY PERSON WHO CONTROLS RICHARD IS PAT. SHE CONTROLLED SO MUCH SHE DROVE HIS OWN KIDS AWAY, SHE PUSHED SO HARD AND THINGS THAT DID NOT CONCERN HER SHE WAS SO JEALOUS SHE MADE SURE HIS KIDS INCLUDING (ADULT son and ADULT daughter he shares with ex wife #1) DON’T COME TO SEE HIM.”

How crazy is THAT? LOL The oldest two kids were ALREADY adults when I came into the picture, their relationship with Keith was what it was. I had nothing to do with it. We saw the kids when it was convenient for them and Keith. One was married and then divorced and one was doing whatever she was doing with her own son young adult son.

THANK GOD for pictures, LOL.

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