No Sports Report BUT…

(20:58 email sent to my sister, step-kids and their grandmother)

“Good evening…

Sarah did have a game today, and was all ready to go but she ended up not going so I have no report…not even a score yet! Sorry!

We did have a GREAT day today though! We went to the Lakewood Sheriff’s Dept for a pancake, sausage, scramble eggs breakfast this morning, and then visited their Open House.

While Keith and Thomas did their thing, (Sarah and I lost them for a little bit) Sarah and I took a partial tour of one end of the dept. (the jail side, LOL) and Keith and Thomas tool a tour of the OTHER end of the dept., the Detective side (sounds more interesting actually) They had their horse, and canines and helicopters and fire engines, CHP motorcycle that both Sarah and Thomas got to sit on. I took a picture and when I get it developed I will scan and send them, and all kinds of things.

Sarah, Thomas and Keith rode in the Quakey Shakey School House which was a bit too shakey for me. It was a ride that is assimilated to the Sylmar earthquake of ’71 which was 6.5 magnitude… of course it the “Yogi Bear Earthquake” didn’t last as long as the ’71 but it shook like the ’71 quake did! Thomas and Sarah laughed through it the 2 times they were on it! As they were walking down the stairs to exit…Keith and all his Gracefulness decided to “slide” down the steps! Goofball! They shouldn’t have told him to be careful because right after they said that he lost his footing and slid! He was ok though. I think my dad would be proud to see his grandkids following in his footsteps! LOL!

After that, we drove up the street and around the corner to the YMCA because they were having a “health faire” for the kids mostly. Another fire engine was there, an ambulance company, chiropractors and students from the Bellflower School of Cosmetology were giving free haircuts. Keith of course was butchered,… BUTCHERED! My oh my… the lady did a horrible job on his hair, but he came home and “shaped” it up…yikes! Sarah had someone trim her hair and it came out a lot better than Keith’s! She had her split ends cut off and a little more, but it is still long.

All in all, it was a great day! Hope you had one too!

Toodles, P~”

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