Stepson’s Graduation

As with any company, SENIORITY is how vacations are settled. Those with more seniority get the best times. Keith was “low man on the seniority list” at his office/company, even after 12 years. He put in for vacation when his son was graduating, and did not get approved. June is a BIG month for people to take their vacations, especially if they have kids or relatives graduating.

The ex emailed Keith this morning at 9:19am telling him how she felt about it.

She didn’t even address him by any name she calls him, she just started writing. She said,
“After thinking about this for the last couple of days, I realize how disappointed I am.

First of all you have know the (son) was going to graduate since at least last year. (if not his whole life) and I am sure that as soon as school started you received notices of the dates.

Not only did the school notify you but I did as well during the summer of 2021.

For you to say now in May that you cannot attend graduation due to time off or expenses is a sorry excuse.

This was not a sudden situation or happening. You have had ample time to plan and prepare for your son’s graduation.

What you are saying to me and to your son is that he is not important enough for you to be here on his important day.

You are saying that (son) is not important enough to plan for and make time for.

I am sorry you are unable to attend, however the airfare and travel expenses would have been nothing in comparison to letting your son down.

One ticket, one room and one night with (Son) picking you up at the airport. Big deal. His important night is a big deal. too bad you can’t think of our kids with the same importance as your others.

How could you do this?

(her name)

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