Summer Visitation

Ex thinks that all she has to do is tell Keith how much airfare is and he is just supposed to send the money. That’s not how this works. Even after ALL these years, she still doesn’t “get it.”

She wrote him at 06:58am saying that she would pay for their tickets down, “whichever way it comes out in the wash. Whether I pay for two down and you pay for two back or if I buy one round trip ticket and you buy the other isn’t the same result achieved.

Ok so I am buying tickets by the 10th of June, please have your half of the airfare ready. Of course depending on if both (son) and (daughter) visit or just one. If only one visits then you only have to come up with half of one ticket.

Plenty of notice, 21 days of notice for advance purchase.

When, if and how long the kids visit with you is up to them. I can’t force them to see you or stay with you. (her name).”

Keith emailed her back at 7:37am this morning and told her, “you make arrangements, and tell me the confirmation number, what the price is from WA on July 6th back to WA on Aug 24th from LA, and after all the “special deals” are made then THAT is what I split.

When you tell me who is coming, when and for how long, EXACTLY, I will send my payment. I am NOT going to play this game where all the arrangements are set and I have to change plans because one of both of them has a little hissy fit and wants to go home early.”

So, NO, the same result isn’t achieved. If she were to buy round trip tickets down, she could use the kids mileage points to get a discount on the tickets, while telling Keith he has to pay for the trip home at a much higher price.

She really thinks he’s stupid.

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