The ex emailed at 07:32am this morning. She said, “Richard, A 14 year-old who is unhappy can and will throw hissy fits, but is a lot more mature than a 35 year old who stops speaking to children for days on end. Or an adult who gets mad because of the teenagers decision and then treats her bad for the days she is there. Come on, act your age not your shoe size. This message was uncalled for. The airfare with no specials, no extras for both is $682.00 roundtrip from Spokane to San Diego and then from Los Angeles to Spokane. This is the worse case scenario, and your half is simply $341.00 Get ready to pay.”

Gee, wonder who and what she’s talking about…. <eyeroll> She’s also pissed that Keith just won’t send her money for his share of airfare at her word. AS IF… LOL

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