December 15, 2002

Ex and Keith were e-mailing about a non emergent medical issue with their daughter. At 1626, Keith had told her that whenever she fails to follow court orders she always throws in “it was an emergency” and wondered why she would wait until something became “an emergency” before doing anything about it.

She didn’t like that. When she emailed him back at 2206, she wrote, “Why don’t you care about her? why does it matter if it was or wasn’t. who cares it is our daughter and she was uncomfortable and wanted it taken care of. why do you put money before her health? is that what you do with the children living with you now. Do you tell them that because it is not an emergency than they have to wait 30 days before you will take them to the doctor. What an idiot you are….”

WHAT? LOL…talk about an idiot. We USE providers of service and we don’t wait until something becomes “an emergency” to take care of it.

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