Gifts and Things from 2002

1-18-02- Thank you card from L & N. Postmarked 1-15-02, addressed to “Richard D and family” written in J’s writing. L writes, “Thank you for the cd’s and movie. I

enjoy watching a listening to them. Love ya L” N wrote, “Thank you for the car cleaner and certificate to Target. Thank you so much for the certificate. N”

2-7-02 Sent a package to N & L. It was delivered at 4:37pm on 2-9-02

4-9-02- sent package to kids for Easter. It was delivered to them on 4-11-02 at 1:24 pm.

5-28-02- POSTMARKED 5-24-02- addressed to “Mr. & Mrs. D” written in J’s writing, returned address says N D (his first and last name), is N’s graduation announcement.

6-14-02- sent gift box to kids. It was delivered 6-17-02 at 1:40pm. 1 day before L’ s birthday! YEAH!

7-3-02- received info and order form from Ahmann’s Images from N’s graduation.

7-5-02- Keith ordered 1 5×7 photo ($8.50) of N and a video ($15) plus $5 mailing costs ($28.50 total).

8-28-02- received the order from Ahmann’s.

9-10-02- sent N a package. Package was delivered 9-12-02 at 5:21 am. (hmmm)

11-27-02- Keith sent N a note (dated 11-23) and a $50 check (written by me on 11-23) for reimbursement of a claim. Letter and check were delivered 11-29-02 at 1:48 pm

12-02- Keith got L Zoo Tycoon, Marine Mania, Monsters, Inc., Spirit and some slippers for Christmas. She was here for a week. She took everything with her to her grandmothers.

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