His, Mine and Ours

That’s the kind of email addresses we have. Keith has his, I have mine and when needed, we have “OURS.” OUR email contained Keith and my name and last name.

An email with the subject matter, “Member Pays Information” was sent on 1/22/03 at 1305. It was sent TO HER only, and cc’d to Keith.

The ex responded to it at 1921 letting Keith know that she “will not accept any e-mail from Pat (my last name). Please resend. I have blocked this e-mail address from being received.” This was not only sent to the OUR e-mail address, but she added CC’s to her mother and her mothers husband as well as their son.

I don’t know if she realized she had already responded to the email or not, but 26 minutes later, at 1947, she responded again, “deleted. please forward by mail if you no longer have just your e-mail” and this email was sent to just OUR email address. Maybe she realized what she did and was trying to cover her ass, who knows.

Keith checked email around 2000, and saw that she had responded. He e-mailed back at 2109 to her and her cc’s saying, “That is your problem, not mine. I will not resend anything.” At 2114 he responded again to her second email saying, “Too bad for you. I will not forward anything until I have all the information. If you cannot be grown up enough and get past your issues, then that is not my problem.”

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