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Hola! Just a quick little story…

We went to my sisters house yesterday for Superbowl, and just after we left last night, we turned the corner, and our friends daughter that was with us, (her name is Kristalynn, she is 6 and Thomas is in love! :-)) starts saying, “Thomas has to throw up! Thomas has to throw up!” so I turned to look at him, (dad was driving) and sure ‘nuf, Thomas had his hands over his mouth trying to hold back until he gets out of the car. (I figured he had eaten too much chicken or something just upset his tummy) We are just around the corner from Michele’s house, so dad pulls over, I jump out of the car, Sarah opens the side door, she jumps out, and I am practically pulling Kristalynn out the car trying to get Thomas out of the car. I am telling you…ORDEAL!

Anyway, I get Thomas out, and tell him to just get sick on the sidewalk right where we are and I turn around. I didn’t really want to look. So he does his thing, wretching noise and all, and then he looks at me and starts LAUGHING! That little POOP was JOKING! He wasn’t sick at all and he and Kristalynn planned this little ordeal TOGETHER! LOL! Sarah and I looked at each other and started cracking up! Dad was like, “What happened? he was KIDDING!?” LOL!

Oh my gosh that was sooo funny! I can’t believe the twerp played us like that! LOL!

This is one for the memory books! 🙂 CRAZY KID!! His new phrase that he likes to say now is “Gracious Me!” LOL!


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