(Sent email to stepkids at 2:22pm, 2/04/03)

“Hello, Well I kept Thomas home from school. and had to make a doctors appointment this morning for him. He had been running a temp for the last couple days, and has been real cranky and moody (sounds like a HUNGRY (last name)! LOL) too. I went to give him some motrin last night and I could feel the heat radiating from him.

He lost 2 pounds, and is back down to 50.

Diagnosis is hi allergies are acting up, (he did have a dark spot under his eye yesterday) and he has infections in both ears again. Thankfully his lungs sound clear even tho he is congested, so it isn’t his asthma.

He has to take some amoxycillin for the infection, some hydroxyzine for the congestion and some children’s sudafed for his allergies.

Poor little man, I am going to take him for a physical soon so they can do some blood work on him and perform other tests, but it won’t be until after he finishes his meds.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate winter and spring because HE is the one that gets hit the worst…ugh. This dang Cali weather doesn’t help either.

We are good here other than that. Hope all is well with you! Lots of love, P~”

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