2003 Benefits info: Medical, Dental, Vision, Chiropractor

(email sent to Keith, stepkids, and CC’d the ex)

“for some reason, I can’t print a legible copy of the chiropractor benefit.

Here it is for the time being.

I am also sending the rest of what we have, until the post office opens again on Tuesday, including Kaiser exclusion.


(at 7:02pm, this email was sent to stepson only)

” N,

here is a copy of what I sent your dad, mom and L.

I know you can’t receive attachments, that’s why I didn’t this to you originally.

I sent your mom and L nfor Kaiser exclusions, Chiropractor benefits, Benefits at a glance, vision and dental (a copy of the dental card).

I will get this all in the mail to you on Tuesday.


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