ME, Specifically….

Ex wrote tonight. The subject line is, ” Patricia.” (ME!) She told Keith back in 1995 or so, that I can “butt out” but she hasn’t allowed that thus far. These are only emails where she has mentioned me and does not include the phone conversations she had with Keith about me, or the phone conversations she has directly with me, but she wanted me to butt out. Yeah, ok.

She told Keith in this email that she “did not have children with Patricia (maiden name). I do not want her correspondence. She has no legal or moral rights to our children. Please inform her that if she does not stop sending me unwanted correspondence especially to my service providers I will obtain a restraining order with the child support modification.

If you cannot stand up to your responsibilities and be a parent then so be it. Don’t put her in your place. No one wants to hear from her. Not (daughter), not (son) and not any of my family. This should be true as your family wants nothing to do with her either.

Stop her from interfering with our children or I will get legal orders to do so. And these orders would prevent you from seeing your children while she is around. You choose either to control your wife or loose your children.”

LMMFAO! OK, she hates me so much that she can’t even accept the fact that Keith and I have been married for almost 7 years now. LOL How do I know? Because she used me maiden name in this email. Bless her heart.

Due to the fact that Keith works the same hours as the insurance companies we deal with, and I work a split shift, I have more time than he does to call them. Maybe SHE should stop bitching about what I do, and do claim follow ups. OH, but that would be too much like being RIGHT, because she would rather bitch about it and take 2-3 months to get eob’s to Keith, and bitch about how he isn’t paying his share of expenses. I do what I do to help my HUSBAND, and if that means calling her insurance to find out the STATUS of a claims, then so be it. It’s NOT illegal. I did this kind of work when I worked at the ambulance company, and I can tell you how many times I was threatened with a restraining order….NOT ONCE.

She never gets it, understands that her insurance company does not tell me the details of the claim, except to say it was paid, pended (and why) or denied. Then I do what I have to do to get the claim processed, either paid or denied. It’s that simple. No invasion of privacy, especially when Keith was court ordered to pay half of uncovered expenses.


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