You Don’t Know, Until You Know…

Color me shocked! At least we now know why I was getting no response from my stepson. He emailed his Dad this evening at 6:26pm.

This email surprised both his dad and I. Stepson wrote, “Dad, Just to let you know today nobody was home and we received on of those slips saying there was something sent to me that was a priority or something. Not like priority matters because I am not going to the post office to go pick it up. I am not going to go and stand in line for 2 hours just for some letter. That could have been mailed regularly. It probably is just some four page letter from PAT. Kinda like the one she sent to the eye doctor in (his mother’s city), HUH! Also I would like to not receive any more emails from PAT. If I wanted to receive emails from her I would have emailed her in the first place. Since I am emailing you and not HER. Any of her emails directly sent to me on my grandmas email will be deleted without being read. LOVE, (stepsons name)”

This email from his son has a tag line, “Trying to be a FATHER now, Is a little to little LATE, Don’t you think?”

WTH? Keith responded at 7:00pm asking his son, “Having a bad day, (son’s name)?”

The more he thought about it, and mulled over the tag line, Keith was not happy. He responded again at 7:13pm. He emailed his son again, “(son’s name), get that hair out of your ass, (son’s name). I don’t know what your problem is. This information is medical and dental stuff that YOU have been asking about. You don’t have to wait 2 hours IN LINE to get it and there is a phone number on the paper to call for redelivery. I sent it you this way so that I would know YOU got it. GOT IT (son’s name)? I am doing the same thing NOW that I have ALWAYS been trying to do, and have SOME kind of communication with you. I don’t NEED this SHIT. Dad”

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