Requesting Reimbursement Again

Sent Anthony a letter dated January 2, 2004. I mailed it on Jan 6th and he got it, today, Jan. 7th. In it, I wrote:

” Dear Anthony,

Attached is a copy of the expenses I have paid since 1995. As of December 31, 2003, you are still owing the amount of $284.15, which is the remaining balance due after your $110.01 payment in 1998.

There is absolutely NO reason why this balance cannot be and has not been paid off for 8 years. The child support you pay goes towards Sarah’s monthly living expenses, ie: food, clothing, and shelter. To carry her on your medical insurance (at no cost to you) and to pay one half of her medical expenses as court ordered is on TOP of the child support you are ordered to pay. You KNOW this to be true, by your agreement, in 1998, to pay these outstanding medical expenses at $20-$25.00 a month until there were paid in full. You failed to keep your end of the agreement, when you told that is what you pay child support for and refused to pay any more towards this balance.

As you can see, due to the fact that Sarah has dual insurance, the out of pocket medical expenses are cut drastically, especially where dental is concerned. My husband does not have to carry Sarah on his insurance, and since I am not working, nor am I court ordered to carry insurance on her, these expenses can be much more annually. My husband carries Sarah on his insurance as extra protection for HER, something I am very appreciative of. HE and I have paid all these expenses, $788.32, ($394.16 of it is your half) minus the $110.01 you have contributed.

I have already sent you all the copies of the eob’s and receipts of expenses you owe. I will not send them again.

I am giving you until Feb. 8th, 2004, approx 36 days, to become current on these medical expenses. If you have failed to bring current these outstanding medical expenses from 1995 to present, I will bring this issue before a judge and request a wage garnishment for medical expenses, as well as to be reimbursed for court costs and filling fees.

Any questions? You can write me at the address above, or leave a voice mail at (my phone number) OR, if you have access to email, you can email me at (my email address).

Happy New Year. (My legal name)”

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