J responded back to me, from my email to her yesterday at 9:10pm.

This morning at 6:03am, she wrote, “Maybe you should get a life, job or hobby. A simple answer to a simple question BITCH”

SUCH an angry bird! What happened to her PEACEful place? LMAO….WOW

she responded to another email from yesterday at 6:05am and she wrote, ” FUCK YOU”

I wrote her at 7:33am and said, “Forgot to add Keith again, no worries, I added him 🙂 Boy, it’s only 605am when you wrote this~ I got that much power over you to get you so riled up so early in the morning? LOL. I hope your day gets better, for the public you deal with sake :-)”

At 7:34am I responded to the email she wrote and called me a BITCH- I said, “It was only 603am when you wrote this! LMAO, you are THAT cranky already!???????? I must SUCK to be you 🙂 Have a GREAT day! I plan on having one 🙂 “

GRACIOUS, and she BLAMED me for the cause of her second divorce…..LORDY.

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