“Kiwanis International is a global community of clubs, members and partners dedicated to improving the lives of children one community at a time.

What an awesome statement! That’s why it’s so crazy to me, every time I see this, how a (current or past, not sure which) President of the Kiwanis club can call another mother’s children, “dumpy.”

While complaining about the fact that Keith and I found out about another claim for his daughter was processed incorrectly, his ex thought it was ok to throw these comments in:

“…I process the claims the right way, I went to your dumb ass providers, we suffer each time I have to take (her daughter) to the doctors and she feels it too. Why so you can sit in your dumpy little house with some dumpy wife and kids…”

This is not the first time she’s attacked my children.

She was also not happy when I called her insurance because once again, a claim was not processed correctly. Her insurance paid as Primary, and she wasn’t about to let them know.

To me, having her insurance pay claims as Primary, when they clearly are not, sound like fraud. When she found out I called her insurance to let them know, she wrote an email at 11:44am stating, “What fucking right do you have to call my insurance you bitch, Big fat ass stupid bitch- you know nothing of what you are talking about. STAY the fuck away from me and my insurance. Stupid fucking bitch. I am on the phone with my insurance and you have been reported as breaking the confidently and privacy act with them. STAY out of this it is none of your business.”

At 11:45 she sent another email saying two words, “FUCK YOU”

At 2:22pm, I emailed her back.

“Happy Holidays (her name) 🙂

Your actions, did I stutter? I did call the Fraud hotline (for her insurance) and I asked them if your actions constituted fraud since it isn’t the first time you have pulled this stunt, they transferred me to your insurance to discuss it with them. We discussed this claim. Simple as that.

I do know what I am talking about 🙂 I wrote down names of people I have spoken to at your insurance and ours, and took very good notes on what was said. I don’t go near you to stay away from you. Since you live in WA an I live in CA. There is about a 24 hour or so driving distance between our homes, hardly “close by.” Stay away from you or else…what (her name)? Sure sounds like a threat (her name). Are you threatening me? Sure hope not. You already tried to threaten me several years ago when you told me you have been diagnosed with (her diagnosis), remember? I still have the tape of that conversation. The Corporate office to your insurance is in Seatte, so I don’t think I will be getting there anytime soon eithre. No need for threats “(her nickname)”. Were you ever diagnosed with with Tourette Syndrome?

There was not breach of “confidently and privacy act.” I did speak to your insurance rep VERY confidently though, thankyouverymuch. In fact, one of the reps and I had a nice conversation about the information they can and cannot give out. Calling for the status of claims is not a breach of “confidently and privacy act” as you like to call it. I had the information they asked for, and all I did was let them know they paid the claim incorrectly and asked for the address to mail them the primary EOB when we get it. What they did tell me was that they were not able to discuss any medical history with me, OR with your for that matter without (her daughter’s) authorization, and frankly, that would be TMI for me to know. I was also told that you put a password on which really made me laugh, because you act like you have something to hide.

I will take care of whatever Keith asks me to take care of regarding the insurance. Just so you know. Thanks for your email. :-)” and I signed it “Dumpy”

I guess the fact that she has continued as she always had to pay for services up front, then bill the insurances and get overpayments, and then turn around and bill Keith and complain to him and the kids that he doesn’t pay his share of expenses.


BUT, lets not forget, all this time, she has been a President of the Kiwanis club.

How ironic.

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