2004 Gifts and Things

6-18-04- Thomas sent L a card. It was a congratulations card. It had a white flower on it. He addressed the envelope himself. He signed his name and added a heart. He wrote, “I hope you like this flower and my picture.”

11-30-04- J gave (8:31 am) a list to Keith suggesting what to get the kids for Christmas. He had only asked about L, because he was no longer discussing N with her. She gave ideas for Both kids. 10:40am, Keith told her thanks for the ideas, he appreciated it. Reminded her he doesn’t talk to her about N, but did tell her that he had sent N a birthday card in September and N refused it, not once, but twice.

12-20-04- received card from L. She wrote, “Richard (AKA) Dad” It’s postmarked 12-16-04. It was addressed to “Mr. & Mrs. D*******” in J’s handwriting.

12-21-04- Keith emailed (12:16am) J asking where to send L’s gifts, her home or her mothers. J responded (7:33am) to send L’s gifts to her home or her work. We sent the package to her home. (PO Box)

12-27-04 Keith emailed (1:46 pm) J asking if the box got to L yet, that it was mailed on 12-21.

12-28-04-J asked (7:50 am) where he sent it, that no box has arrived. Keith told her (7:59 am) he sent it to her PO box. He checked the postal tracking and emailed (12:54pm) J back and said, “It’s there now, today, a note was left in your PO Box that it’s there.”

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