The Kids

So, both kids are now 18+. The ex emailed Keith 8/30/05 at 8:12am, giving him an update on the kids, and asking for money for them. Well, she said, “both of them can use money to help with college expenses or gift cards to Walmart.”

Keith responded at 8:28 am and 8:49am and told her “thanks for the info, It would have been great to see (son) on his way through. again, thanks for the info, I appreciate it, but the kids are 18 and older. If they want something from me, they need to be the one’s to ask. If they don’t want me to know what is going on with them or if they don’t want to ask me for anything, that is their choice. Bye.”

She told him on this morning, 9/1/05 at 8:26am, that he has to call their son himself- call both of them, and at 8:29am that it was “too bad you can’t pick up a telephone and call. What is the problem with their Dad and only their Dad calling them. I have told you over and over again if you called them everyday for a month you would fix these relationships but you can find the time or the effort. You are the parent- 18 and older they still do not want emails, letters and other forms of communication. They want to speak to you on the phone and yet you can’t do that. Don’t help unless they ask-easy cop out for you. I agree and they will never ask you for anything to many strings attached to that, too many demands to be met in order to receive. It is ok that you are not there or them, they are used to it by now.”

Keith told her he didn’t remember mentioning their daughter in his email. He was talking about their son, that he can’t call him when he doesn’t know his number. (9:06am) At 9:14am, Keith asked his ex if she feels better now, after that tirade. He told her he didn’t have a problem, that apparently she did though. He asked, “If it doesn’t the kids that we don’t talk, why does it bother you so much? (son) gave me his message loud and clear last year when I, me, his dad, his one and only dad, sent him a birthday card and he refused it, twice. Guess he didn’t need the money then. (Daughter) told me as late as March this year to stay out of her life (except I did send (daughter) birthday gifts, holiday gifts). She told me the same thing in December 2003. IF you agree, and they will never ask me for anything, and it’s ok that I have not been there for them, according to you three, then WHY do you keep harping? You need help (ex wife’s name). The only one I hear from is you, not them. The kids have voices, and they have spoken, loud and clear. Keith”

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