2005 Gifts and Things

1-19-05- Keith and Thomas received a thank you card from L. It read, “Keith & Thomas, Thank you! Thank you for the gifts! L” This card was postmarked 1-17-05

2-12-05- Sent L Valentines candy and gift.

2-14-05- 8:19 am a notice was left in PO Box that there was a package. it was picked up/delivered at 11:34 am.

4-18-05- Keith sent a $100 money order for the Sr. Frolic at L’s high school, to POB for School or Contact person.

4-21-05- Sr. Frolic m.o. was delivered at 7:33 am.

5-23-05- “Mr. D” received L’s graduation announcement.

5-24-05- Sent L graduation gifts.

5-26-05- notice was left (7:55 am) in J’s POBox a package was left. Package was delivered at 12:20 pm.

6-27-05- Thomas received a card from L. It was postmarked 6-23-05. It was a thank you card. In it, she wrote, “Thomas, Thanks for the wonderful gifts that you gave me! Thanks for being supportive with my graduation unlike our dad! Well I hope you have a safe summer vacation and always stay out of trouble. Be good for your mom and your dad! Love L” This pissed me off.

At 3:55 pm, I sent L an email. I wrote, “E, Just got an EOB from Kaiser for your (xxx) from February 9th, 2005. The check will be forwarded to you. Be on the look out for it.

DO NOT EVER write Thomas and spread YOUR ill/feelings/ill will for “HIS DAD” ( your words in your thank you card to him) again. A simple thank you would have sufficed. Had it not been for “HIS DAD’s” MONEY, you would not have gotten anything for graduation. “HIS dad” was supportive of your graduation. Problem is, YOU failed to invite him to your graduation and YOU failed to acknowledge the money he sent in support of your Senior Frolic. He probably would have done a lot more had you been a little bit kinder…. Keith’s loving wife, Pat”

6-28-05- sent L her check from Kaiser. Also sent a copy of the email I sent her and a copy of her thank you card words to my son.

6-30-05- Check and things were delivered at 7:58 am.

9-9-05- Thomas sent N a card. It has a duck on the cover. It says “YO!” On the inside, it says, “whath’up, Dawg?” and Thomas wrote, “N, have fun at school. Love, Thomas”

He also sent a card to L. but to Whyoming. Same duck, but L’s card said, “Juth hangin’ out… thought I’d give you a thout!” Thomas wrote, “L, Good luck at school. I love you, From, Thomas.”

this was a package that included pens, pencils, rulers, for N and L.

9-12-05 a notice was left for N’s card, at 9:42 am. It was picked up/delivered at 11:26 am and L’s was delivered in Laramie at 5:46 am.

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