She is NOT Happy…


Leave you all alone? I’m not doing anything, not trying to get in touch with your daughters friends.

You’re going to “be in the area” (1200 miles from your home) in March of 2006, and you’re going to get a restraining order against ME from ever coming near you or making contact with you? What a joke.

All you care about is money. That’s your God. Why are you so concerned with what I do about my daughters biological father? Her Daddy was Keith, he’s the one that raised her since she was 10 months old. I was working, for many years, but since Keith said, after he was through paying support for his son, that I could take time off and be home with the kids, that’s what I was doing when he died. you’re just angry because you tried to steal money from my kids, and couldn’t. You are a joke, LOL. You’re going to call the Pastor of the Church that Keith and I attended? Go for it. I’m sure I’ll hear about it.

The difference between you being alone with 2 kids and no Keith and me being alone with two kids and no Keith, is that you asked for yours and your daughter got her wish as well. You both got what you wanted, why you mad?

I’m a what? A “looser”? HA HA HA!! You watched the Gospel too? Isn’t that a great movie?

Yep, Keith is dead, not even 3 months yet. I have no doubt that every phone call, letter and email emasculating him, keeping his kids from him, telling the kids he doesn’t care about them, played more of part in the stress you caused him that played a part in killing him than anything I’ve ever done or said. You are just an angry woman, who has never been able to control either of us, so you went through your kids to hurt Keith.

One day, maybe, your kids will know the other side of the story.

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