How sad. So my former stepdaughter is now almost 20 years old. She wrote on her public MySpace about her mother’s engagement. Maybe it should be reengagement to ex hubby #2. ANYWAY, she told her friend that she spoke to her mom for a few hours about “the engagement thing” but even though she’s just going with the flow, she is pissed at her mom because she knows how she (her mom) is going to be and that she just understand her and she (stepdaughter) hates it. She said she tries her hardest to show that she cares for her mom. WTH? Dad dies and the things she and her mom accused her dad of, not knowing his daughter (or son) is actually what is going on with her mother? Hmmmm…. ANYWAY…

Former Stepdaughter continues, “yet, she yelled at me and said, LET ME LIVE MY LIFE and it made me cry then she was like I have spent over 20 years taking care of you and (former stepson) and now it’s my turn to live my life how I want it and that’s what is going to happen” She wrote how she was so mad and that she knows this “engagedment married thing is not going to work I just know it”

She goes on to say, “right now I just want to run awya from all the stress and just live on my own with out worrying about everyone cause it seems like no one wants me to worry about them…but I just have to thats just me…I love the poeple around me and they always shut me down…I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

She also wrote, “…oh yeah its likei lost one parent why do i have to lose another i mean I try.. what the hell am i supposed to do.. i hate it..”

That just makes me SAD, because HER DAD LOVED HER and wanted her around and she shut HIM out and shut HIM down, and then he died.

Is this her Karma?

She also wrote, later on that she knows it “probably wont work out for my mom and I know Ill be there when it doesnt…”

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