Going Back to Court

Anthony is taking ME back to Court. He filed an OSC on 3/12. I received it 03/14/08. He wants to modify existing order from 11/7/05 of $607 per month. We go to court on 4/9/08.

He also has a hard time spelling our daughters name. This time, he told whomever helped him fill out the papers that he name is SAHARA. I guess that’s what happens when you know your child.

He wants to “reserve arrears and stay collection efforts and Release his drivers license. ”

In his declaration he states that there is a “change in circumstance.” He is currently receiving GR in the amount of $203.

He said he needs his Drivers License released. He wrote, “So I can seek employment, visit my child and for personal errands.” Um, visit WHAT child? It’s 2005, OUR child is not quite 15 years old. It’s been 15 years since he’s seen her or “visited” with her, and it’s been that long if not longer since he’s seen his other two kids, who are now adults. What Child is he wanting to visit?

He also said he is unemployed, or self employed and has no paycheck. He said he would bring his 2006 income tax returns to the hearing in the even he can locate them and that he did not make any loan or credit application in the last two years.

He says he gets $203 a month. He also claimed two of his sisters live with him. Both of his sisters names are spelled incorrectly, and NEITHER of them live with him at their age of 52 and 55. Both have their own homes, very NICE homes I might add. He continues to “declare under penalty of perjury” mind you, that he pays $100 in rent, (even though he lives in a house that he inherited when his mother passed away), that he pays $165 in groceries, (even though he told me he goes to the food bank), he says he pays $285 in Utilities, (gas electric, water and trash), he pays $20 for telephone, cell phone and email, $20 in laundry and cleaning, for a total of $590 a month.

He got two things right, we have one child and she is 100% with me. He also go right that he has no health insurance.

His GR was approved on 10/30/2007. It makes me wonder why he said he makes $203 from GR. According to their letter, it says that the following changes are considered mandatory reporting responsibilities within 5 days to his eligibility worker: New earned income of $203 or more. New unearned income of $25 or more. Increased earned or unearned income of $25 or more. Someone moves in or out of his household.

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