I get tired of the games Anthony plays. I decided to do my own little investigation and when I did, I wrote DPSS on 9/1/10 with my findings. This letter was delivered TODAY.

I referenced his case number and I told DPSS who I was. I told them that he has been and continues to receive GR since Oct 2007.

I gave them Anthony’s address and provided a letter from his brother in law stating that the house IS Anthony’s and is being held in a trust until he dies, and that he has a TRUST account. I also provided an email from August from the County Assessors office giving the Owner of Record and the Special Name handling the Trust. The house is a 1 bedroom 1 bath house, a single family residence.

I also let them know that a woman also resides at Anthony’s house. Turns out, it’s his girlfriend, but that NONE of his sisters live with him.

I told DPSS there are two cars in his driveway, gave plates and descriptions and let them know that he also owns a boat, but I was unable to get the CF number.

I continue on with the fact that in April 2008, he went fishing and was caught fishing without a license, pled Guilty on June 28, 2005 and was fined $25.

It’s my belief that he is hiding assets and not being forthcoming in as to the reason why he needs GR.

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