Almost Time….

I wrote Anthony a letter on 7/24/11 and sent it on 7/25/11 . It was delivered to his house today, 7/26/11 at approx. 10:20am. I also enclosed 4 pics of Sarah.

In this letter I wrote, “Well, here it is, 8 days from August 1, which is Sarah’s 18th birthday. It’s really TOO bad and SO sad that you missed out on 18 years of her life, because YOU, Anthony, missed out on watching a beautiful baby grow into a wonderful, lovely, young lady.

The only time you will hear from me, here on out, is if the District Attorney sends me something that I have to respond to, and maybe NOT even then. I will ALWAYS remember when you threatened to take Sarah from me when she was a baby and “move out of the country to Mexico” (as you put it). I will ALWAYS remember how you never acknowledged her birthday, never a phone call, never a card, never a letter written in YOUR own writing to her, nothing. I will ALWAYS remember how you tried to claim her on your income tax for the year 2003. I will ALWAYS remember at court in 2008, you REQUESTING to be put in jail because you thought it would erase your past due arrearages. and I REALLY will never forget how you declared under penalty of perjury, in your 2008 Order to Show Cause that YOU filed, that you needed your license reinstated so that you could, “Visit my child…” ( as you put it) and yet you NEVER did, you NEVER did. YOU were told at that time, by the attorney at court that you really need to make arrangements to see her because at that time, she was nearly 16 and able to speak before the court on her own, but you didn’t listen to the attorney. You were told PLENTY of times over the years by ME that even though you have no rights of reasonable visitation, I would be willing to work something out with you so you COULD “visit your child” but you NEVER took me up on that. You missed out on her 5th grade promotion, her 8th grade promotion, her recent 12th grade graduation from high school.

The District Attorney will continue to collect child support arrearages from you, until you die basically because I will NEVER close the account. I will advise Sarah on how to handle these court orders, since she will be 18 and I will seek legal advice on how to collect your share of uncovered medical expenses.

As of Nov. 30, 2010 you owed me $1439.51 in uncovered medical expenses. You owe me an additional $45 from the attached receipts dating from Feb. 4, 2011 ($15), April 25, 2011 ($15) and from July 23, 2011 ($15) fir a total NOW due of of $1484.51 for YOUR share of uncovered medical expenses from June 2006 to present. This will change of course, if she has to go to the doctors anytime in the next 8 days.

All I hope is that Sarah will be able to continue seeing her cousins and aunts on YOUR side that she missed out on all these years. Patricia”

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