Child Support Arrears

I wrote Anthony today regarding his arrears and to see if we can work out a deal or compromise to get his support paid off.

He’s currently at $29,321.21 after his latest payment, and he pays $15.00 towards these arrears, an agreement he made with DCSS, and he continues to get charged $150 interest per month, every month. $15.00 per month, and he didn’t pay Aprils payment. At this rate, it will never be paid.

I offered to settle up for $25,000. He can ask his brother in law to pay for it and then he can pay his brother in law back. I told him if he agreed to this, I would call DCSS and have them draw up papers saying that I settled the debt form nearly $5,000 LESS than what is owed and I would sign the papers to close the account once and for all. I told him to contact me if he has any questions . Kindest regards.

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