An Attorney

SO…Anthony FINALLY wants to settle child support, 4 years and 28 days past her 18th birthday, and SOMEONE hired an attorney for him. More than like his oldest sister and her husband.

A Stipulation and Order Waiving Unassigned Arrears was filed.

I am the party waiving past support. Anthony is the party ordered to pay support.

As of 8/25/2015, child support was Principal $18,003.47 and Interest is $11, 603.00 Time period of 9/30/2002 to 8/25/2015.

The parties agree that the amounts in items in 14a and 14b will be considered a final determination by the court of the amount of past due support.

Upon payment by party ordered to pay support of the sum of $18,003.47 to the local child support agency on or before 9/11/2015, the NON-Aid arrears set forth in paragraph 14a shall be deemed paid in full.

Conditions of WAIVER:

This waiver of past due support is conditional on the party ordered to pay support agreements set forth in this document. If the party ordered to pay support fails to perform any condition, than this waiver is NULL and VOID and of no force or effect whatsoever. However, if box 14c is checked, the setting of support arrears in 14a and 14b will continue to be valid as the court’s determination of the amount of support arrearages. Specific conditions of this waiver as as follows: (nothing specified in 16a. or 16b. )

Declaration states:

I, (my legal name) am the Petitioner in this matter and declare as follows:

The Respondent and I have entered into a stipulation and that I have agreed to accept the principal amount of $18,003.47 as payment in full for any and all arrears that due for child support. I knowingly and willingly agree to waive all the interest that has accrued on the child support which is $11,603.00 and any small interest that should accrue before actual payment is made per the stipulation.

I do not have any objection to reinstate Respondents drivers license immediately.

I spoke with Mr. V, the child support representative on August 25, 2015 at approx. 3:30pm, and I informed him of my agreement as set forth herein.

I am hopeful that this declaration and my previous email will serve as sufficient evidence that I voluntarily agree with this negotiation of arrears and that I can thereby avoid my appearance in Court as I am starting a brand new permanent position at my job and cannot take time off the time to appear in court. I ask the Court to accept this declaration as my testimony as if I was in Court.

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