OY VEY….what a knucklehead! NOW this girl, Keith’s granddaughter, is saying that I’m taking xanax, I’m crazy and taking meds….say WHAT? LOL…SHE came after me, out of the blue, I guess she forgot that. She also went after Keith’s brother and sister in law, accusing them of stealing money from her grandpa. Where is she GETTING this shit from?

SO, I wrote her mom (again) adding her stepmom this time so that her dad will find out…and by the way, This girl is a young adult, with at least one baby of her own. I THINK she’s married, but I have no idea. ANYWAY, what I said to her mom and stepmom was, “She seriously needs to back off. I have reported her and I will go further if she doesn’t leave me alone, J. Her libelous comments about Keith, (ex wife#1) and I, me taking xanax, me being crazy, and taking meds, just to name a few. We are not friends on FB. She blocked me as she was reporting me the other day to face book, then she unblocked me and her and this other Cynthia lady are back at it. Her harassment needs to stop, IMMEDIATELY.”

Let’s see how this goes.

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