My Response to Anthony

” LMAO, ok, I will tell her. good thing for your case, I have proof saying the contrary. When you took me to court one year, she went, thinking that’s how she was going to see you, you didn’t show up. Should I tell her the house in (City) you used to live in was sold and you no longer live there, or that you are now living in (another OC city)? And lets get this straight, the JUDGE/COURT ruled you had no rights of visitation due to your (personal) abuse, but like the nice person I am, for 16-18 years, I tried to set it up where she can see you, but you never answered or wanted it to happen. So take THOSE FACTS and chew on it. If you had ANY interest in her life, for the past 23 years, you would have made an EFFORT.”

minutes later, he responded:

“Patty you need to get your facts straight I still in (City). Point is I choose not to talk to you, but please tell Sarah I would be honored to see my own daughter again and to call me.”

I wrote back:

“Where have you been for the last 5 years? Where have you been ll those years that I was writing you asking you to see her, that you didn’t have to deal with me, you could see her another way, and you were crickets, never took my offer… I will tell her, when I see her today. You’re still HILARIOUS! Thanks for my morning laugh”

Then around 13:15, I took a screen shot from court papers from 2008 and sent it to him, where he claimed he needed his license reinstated so he can “visit my child” I wrote “your declaration from 2008- you never made an effort! Stop your LYING…. By the way, since you have no need to talk to me ever, YOU tell my daughter whatever your messages are…”

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