So, remember when I wrote in September 2016, about Keith’s granddaughter writing on FB to my son, telling him that his dad cheated with me while he was married to her grandmother?

Well, I saw today that her own Baby daddy wrote on HIS FB about how social media was the reason his life exploded a while back, He said he learned how 1 out of 3 couples have cheated using social media and have shared explicit pictures and videos through the social media apps, and he is one of those people it happened to! He said it had gone on for 6 years, behind his back. 6 YEARS!!

For a minute he sounded like Keith. Baby Daddy wrote, “I worked 14 hour days, traveled and was away from my family and made sure the mom could be a stay at home mom like she wanted to, and always tried to make sure she had everything she needed to make sure her days weren’t filled with stress.” Sounds like a sweet guy. I said he sounded like Keith because Keith worked a lot when he was married to ex #2, having his own trucking company, and in a letter his ex wrote him once she acknowledged that it’s been tough going from $6000 a month doing whatever she wanted to do whenever she wanted, to $800 a month after taxes.

ANYWAY, this young man wants to go to school to become a Family Therapist, “believing he can help keep families together, work through the issues they face with them and make sure the choice to separate is the last and final choice.”

More power to him, I wish him luck! 6 years, GEEZ, how devastating, so NOW it makes sense why she, his ex, came after me accusing ME of cheating, because apparently, it was HER cheating him.

People tell on themselves.


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