Lawyer Kelly Shares GREAT Information

If you have social media, follow this CA Divorce attorney. She is AWESOME!

YES!!! This!!! My late husband dealt with this very issue. In late November 1995, Keith found out that he was no where listed in his children’s school files, instead, their stepfather was named as Father. On December 4th, 1995, he wrote a letter to the SI of the school district, requesting to be added on. He attached a copy of the divorce papers proving that he had JLC of his kids. He wrote, “ I would like the record to show that I am entitled to receive any school records, progress reports, etc. that is pertaining to my children at my home address listed below.” He did exactly what Lawyer Kelly stated. His ex wife was PISSED OFF… on January 5th, 1996, she wrote him a letter telling him, “ you do not have the authority to pick them up from the school or day care. There is no need due to the out of state living and visiting conditions.” She is incorrect. They shared JLC, it’s a CA divorce case and CA, the County of San Diego, still held jurisdiction. She did not have the case transferred to WA state jurisdiction when she moved there in 1993.

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