New Things

So I went with my Love to Best Buy today. I know he wanted to get a few things, one of them was a laptop. He’s never had one before and I’m so excited for him since he bought his first one, EVER, at his age of early 60’s!!

He also bought me one! He had bought me one nearly 8 years ago, and that one is barely hanging on. The charging cord port is broke so I’m real lucky if it holds a charge without any help, LOL. Other things wrong with it is that if I email myself pics, and save them in folders, I can’t find the pics or I get an error message that the file I’m trying to open is not allowed. There are other issues as well, but I think I can finally retire it. Poor dinosaur, but it’s served me well. It got me through school, Paralegal Studies, where I started in 2013 and graduated 18 months later, in 2014, Magna Cum Laude.

Not only did he buy me a new laptop, he also bought me this awesome keyboard from Logitech. It’s a Multi Device keyboard, connecting to whatever I want it to, via blue tooth. I am currently writing this post, using this keyboard, connected to my iPad! I remember asking TMobile if there was a keyboard I could buy for it and was told no, there wasn’t one. Well, apparently there is, and I got it today! The awesome thing about it is that I can connect it to my cell phone as well, using blue tooth. It’s the BEST invention!!

It’s a “Logitech Multi-Device K780 Keyboard, fully equipped. For computer, phone and tablet. “ I highly recommend it!!

I told my Love the laptop and keyboard were early Birthday presents for me, he said, “Yeah…no. This is because you’ve always had my back!” AWE 😉 We’ve been together 13 years, and have been through thick and thin, to hell and back. We are in this together. 😉

Have a great evening!

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