Just An Update

So I went to court yesterday, regarding the restraining order I applied for against my neighbors daughter. I felt bad in a way for the teen because her “MOTHER” was not present, nor even for support. Some other lady was, and I’m assuming she is with DCFS in some way. The Judge allowed the woman to sit with the Teen, BUT, told the teen she is not representing her and cannot speak for her so don’t look to her for answers.

I knew going in, it could go either way. Not sure what I was expecting, really. The Judge was very good. He was stern, firm and fair. He heard us both out. I presented my facts, and the Judge explained to the teen that she didn’t have the burden of proof like I do. The teen admitted to doing what I accused her of, AND gave a reason, which was absolutely false, so I asked the Judge if I could address her comment. He allowed it.

I explained that I was her mother’s sounding board. Someone she could talk with. Anything I wrote to any social worker, any attorney, was at the request of the Mother, as I am not one to do anything arbitrarily. I told the Judge that I have text messages and Facebook messages from her mother asking me to write her attorney and the girls social worker, so if the teen has an issue with it, she needs to take it up with her MOTHER, not me.

The Judge had asked me if I felt the teen would follow through with her threat. I said absolutely. I told him I had found information about another R/O for harassment case against the teen from 2019 that couldn’t proceed because the teen couldn’t be served as she was in placement. I let the Judge know that the teen also has a now sealed assault case against her that she had been on probation for. He asked if that had been confirmed by the Mother and i said yes, as well as someone at DCFS.

I also told the Judge that I have been getting harassed by this teen for a few years but that this year, specifically since MAY, it had escalated. I told him that being a Mandated Reporter, I had been reporting the teens behavior and NO ONE has done anything about it, not even Mom. I expressed that I felt if nothing is done TODAY, the teen will escalate things more because she would feel she got away with this.

The Judge listened. He ruled that he agreed if nothing was done, things could escalate. He ordered the R/O for 2 years. He explained to the teen that it was a one way order, that she could not contact me in any way and if she violated the order, there will be further consequences. He told her if me or my kids wanted to make peaceful contact with her or her mother, though, we can. Teen blurts out, “they aren’t friends anymore!” Judge said, “ok..” LOL

I got everything I asked for. I drove a copy of the order to the police department immediately after court. It is entered into CARPOS through CLETS. So anywhere I go, even a different city, if she happens to be there, and starts harassing me, the Police can run her name and see there’s a R/O and she can be arrested.

Judge explained to the teen that we all make choices, and there are consequences to our choices. He told her some will be sealed, others will not and will follow her (anyone) the rest of her (their) life. THIS is that situation.R/O will not be sealed and will follow her the rest of her life.

My case was the last case in that courtroom. There were several cases heard before mine, and they were all fascinating!

It was a good day.



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