I LOVE TikTok. I follow some interesting and funny content creators. Sometimes I watch something that reminds me of my late husbands ex. The link above is one of those.

I remember one time when the ex told “someone” that he needed to tell my husband to relax before he has a heart attack. (That someone was actually me, under a totally different email address.)

Seems the ex’s “long game finally paid off” when he died in 2005. Her appearance at his Memorial Service probably had more to do with her making sure he was dead, then actually “being there for her daughter” (no mention of their son).

In the TikTok video, the content creator said she told her husband that her place was standing over his grave cackling. If I had buried my husband, I have NO DOUBT this is what the ex would do. I KNOW she would do it to mine since she had already told me she would be sure to piss on my grave.

#231amthoughts #cantsleep

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