I had been reminded of this post recently: .

It got me thinking of all the crap I’ve been through just minding my own business. Come to find out that about 2 years ago, this girl’s baby daddy spilled some beans on his own FB wall about how social media was the reason HIS life exploded awhile back. He said he learned how 1 out of 3 couples cheated using social media and have shared explicit pictures and videos through social media apps, and he was one of those people it happened to. He said it had gone on for 6 years, behind his back…6 YEARS!

SO…while this girl spread rumors to my son about his dad, my late husband, a dead man that can’t speak, about his dad cheating with me while he was married to her grandmother, SHE, this granddaughter, was the one who was actually cheating on HER baby daddy! As my late husband always used to say, “The cream always comes to the top.” MY favorite saying is, “What’s done in darkness will come to light.” THAT is Biblical.

This girl accused me of being crazy, taking Xanax and other meds. Um, not I, but perhaps she should have been.

My late husband and his ex, this girl’s grandmother, divorced in 1977. I was 13 years old. Didn’t even know who Keith was then.

I really should write a book. LOL

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