Who’s Got My 6?

A friend posted this on FB yesterday. “

As Veteran’s day approaches, I feel compelled to remind everyone that just because a soldier returns from the war zone doesn’t mean that the battles are over. The physical,The psychological…The battles remain. Who’s got my six?I’m going to make a bet, without being pessimistic, that of my friends, less than 5 will take the time to put this on their wall. We are still losing approximately 22 Veterans a day to PTSD. More needs to be done to help Veterans in need. 🇺🇸

Keith rarely spoke of his time in the Military, being a Vietnam Vet. He told me little bits here and there, some good, some not so much, some horrible, but THIS seemed to always be something he felt to his core. Happy Veterans Day to all that served. ❤


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