He’s Here….

I’ve always believed in spirits and ghosts, visitations apparitions etc.

So, yesterday was my late husbands birthday and usually, my kids and I go to In & Out and a movie. We knew for sure dinner.

Well, it didn’t pan out. I think my kids went to In and Out, but I was and still am in the hospital with my fiancé.

Last night when he was admitted for observation, and after the nurse left, the paper towel dispenser went off, and I said, out loud, “Ok Keith, take care of your friend” speaking to my late husband about my fiancé 😁

Doctor just came in. Fiancé’s labs look good, he can resume his other meds he normally takes, he can resume regular activity, no running, or running marathons, LOL, but he can go to physical therapy, take the stairs, and walk more either up and down the driveway or up and down the street.

THANK GOD, and THANK YOU, Keith! ♥️

Paper towel dispenser

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