Covid and Its Varients

To say I hate this shit and I’m damn tired of it being around and out of hand is an understatement!!

I’ve been tested so many times, thank GOD they’ve all been negative. Same for my son.

Tonight, my daughter feels sick, but she also has allergies and asthma, and I’m not if she’s nauseated due to post nasal drip, or what, or if she’s lost her sense of taste because her sinuses are AFU.

I’m taking tomorrow off to take her to her doctors to be tested. No pharmacy around here has any take home tests, nor do they have available appts. I called her ER and they told me not to bring her there if she thinks she has Covid, due to symptoms, but monitor her at home and take her to her docs in the morning to be tested.

This is all so asinine. We are all vaccinated. My son and I, while not experiencing any side effects with the first two vaccines, got our asses kicked when we got the booster, last week. OMG, Neither of us have ever felt that chilled to the bone before, we had never had the whole body ache the booster gave us and as for me, I don’t even know how I lasted all day at work. It was horrible.

I hope and pray my daughter doesn’t have Covid, but I am back to wearing my mask inside my house for the time being.

I hate this.


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